We have a draft of a proposed bill that would affect Term-to-life prisoners who have been found suitable and had their grant reversed by the governor.

*  From the Editor  *

     We are proud to announce that in recent months the writers and editor of the Voices.Con newsletter have received grants of parole from California's BPH. Their grants of parole are now in various stages of review, and will continue to be, over the next several months. With these new developments in mind, we need to temporarily publish the newsletter on a quarterly basis. This would permit us the needed time to focus on our potential releases from prison after having served multiple decades of time.

     When we are again able to devote the required time to a monthly publishing, we will return to that format.

     We thank our loyal readership for their patience during this blessed transitional period in our lives.  -Editor

The Voices.Con newsletter....
is written exclusively by term-to life prisoners, unless otherwise noted, focusing on issues of primary concern to those serving a long-term incarceration. The newsletter is published quarterly on this website. This information is designed to be of potential benefit in any jurisdiction having term-to-life and long-term prisoners and is made available to any other supportive family and friends as well.

No persons affiliated with the Voices.Con newsletter are lawyers. Information provided herein is not intended as a substitute for proper legal advice. All questions or comments on information contain herein should be directed to the Editor. (See our CONTACT info)

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Highlights: We review a newly drafted "Structured Decision Making Framework" proposed for use in the CA parole process; a constitutional amendment required for voter approval of parolee voting rights; and youth offender parole hearings struggle with 'great weight' standard on features of youth.

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  • We have only one agenda: advocating on behalf of the term-to-life prisoner and distributing information that will further this cause, enabling the term-to-life prisoner to effectively advocate on his or her own behalf. 
  • You may write an essay / article on any related subject or issue of concern to the term-to-life prisoner population. 
  • We prefer that all submissions be between 250 and 500 words. Please clearly print or type all submitted material. 
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The Voices.Con newsletter...

.....is an excellent source of nuts and bolts information relating to parole preparation, parole related politics, understanding parole law and current rulings and the importance of retaining the proper counsel and psychologists for parole hearings. This information is provided exclusively by long-term prisoners who have been there and are currently experiencing the ups and downs of the parole process. We are sorry to say that we do not have the resources to hire staff lawyers or provide legal documents of any kind.

We do maintain a mailing list for paid monthly subscriptions ($11 per 12 issues) Send a check or money order to our P.O Box - see Contact Us for info. The Voices.Con newsletter and all past editions, may be downloaded at no cost from this website.