Once you are Viewing your Document, choose File-Print or Click one of the Buttons at the Top

PDF - This will download the newsletter in Adobe Acrobat format (8.5" X 11") Home Printer Ok

Click Here if you need to get the free adobe acrobat reader

(As you do this small install, remove all of the checkmarks you see, you only need the reader)

DOC - This will download the newsletter in Microsoft Word format (8.5" X 11") Home Printer Ok

LEGAL - This will download the newsletter in Microsoft Word format (14" X 8.5") Home Printer Ok

Special size paper is required to print legal pages from your home printer

17 x 11 - This will download the newsletter in Microsoft Word format (17" X 11") Business Printer

Unless you have a large format media printer you may need to take this file to a Copy Store

Just copy this file onto a Thumb Drive or a CD Rom Disk and take it to the counter

The file is Word 2003 compatible and is ready to print. Tell them 17x11, double sided, black and white


When the Download Begins, Choose "Save File"

And click on "Save". Remember what Folder it's "Saved In"

Now open the file in Microsoft Word (or PDF use Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Earlier versions of Microsoft Word will open this too. It will just look a little different

Now click "File-Print" or Print from the menu. Choose "Pages" instead of "All" in the Page Range

In the Pages Box type in "1,3,5,7" and click "OK" or "Print"

Four pages will print out. Now flip the stack of pages and put them back in the printer turned over

Choose File-Print again and this time put 2,4,6,8 in the Pages Box and click "OK"

You should end up with 4 pages printed on both sides

Fold the four pages horizontally about 1/3 of the way down

Fold again 1/3 of the way up from the bottom

Flatten the edges good and slide into the legal size envelope

You may want to download and include the "Newsletter Descriptions List"

Or any other documents that might be interesting to the person you mail this to

Stamp it, address it, seal it, and mail it. Your done!

Printing From Your Web Browser, Internet Explorer or Firefox

Get Your Document Open In The Browser. Choose Print Preview From The File Menu

Change The Scale To 70% So The Document Fits Inside The Margin Edges

Then Click On Print. As Shown Earlier, Put 1,3,5,7 In The Pages Box. Flip Paper. Then 2,4,6,8